Expert Wedding Dress Alterations in NYC

Wedding is once in a lifetime opportunity where you want everything to be perfect, and that includes your wedding dress. You may have visited various bridal salons to get the perfect dress or gown with ideal fitting for your special day. Now you need someone to fit it according to your specifications, and for that, you can depend on us for dress alterations in NYC.

We have services available for alterations or wedding dress tailors in NYC to give you something special on your special day. We have the expertise to tailor or alter any wedding dress from old and classical styles to modern and luxurious gown types.

We pride ourselves in preferring quality over anything else, and we never compromise on our promise. All the bridal alterations in NYC go through under expert supervision, so you do not have to worry about quality. We value that this is your big day, and we consider every minor detail to make sure your dress is as you envision.

From common alterations like resizing the dress or hemming the bottom to elaborate lacing, no job is too difficult for us. If you want a service for quick bridesmaid dress alterations in NYC, we also offer our same day service for your convenience.

Our commitment is towards giving you a quality service to make your special day even better, and we intend to fulfill that promise.

Contact us now, book your appointment with one of our experts, and let us make you look your best at your wedding.

Reshape neckline: $90.00+
Reshape illusion neckline - no embellishment: $65.00+
Straps - no lining: $50.00+
Straps - illusion top: $60.00+
Shorten straps - spaghetti: $45.00
Shoulders - w/ sleeve - no lining: $85.00+
Reset sleeves - no lining -: $75.00+
Reshape armholes - no lining: $60.00+
Shorten sleeve - no lining - rolled hem (per sleeve): $35.00+
Shorten sleeve - Cut hem: $40.00+
Shorten sleeve from shoulder - no lining (per sleeve): $80.00+
Shorten sleeve from shoulder - w/ lining (per sleeve): $100.00
Sides top - no lining - Zero @ waist seam: $40.00+
Sides top - no lining w/ embellishment - Zero @ waist seam: $65.00+
Sides top from zipper - no lining: $60.00+
Princess seams top - no lining: $60.00+
Princess seams top - w/ lining: $75.00
Princess seams top - w/ lining w/ embellishment: $100.00
Adding gussets - no sleeves: $125.00
Adding gussets - w/ sleeve: $150.00
Taper sleeve - straight seam: $65.00+
Add waist darts - no lining: $40.00+
Shorten hem from waist & taper: $240.00+
Shorten hem from waist & taper - w/ embellishment: $250.00
Princess seams bottom - no lining: $55.00
Princess seams bottom - w/ lining: $70.00
Princess seams bottom - w/ lining & 3rd layer / embellishment: $110.00
0-60"+ - serged / cut: $50.00+
Add hook/snap/tack: $20.00+
Add bra cups: $40.00+
Add bra loops: $25.00
Sew in belt/sash to zipper & tacks at front: $55.00
Sew in beaded belt to zipper: $65.00
Replace bridal loops: $60.00
button replacement: $15.00
Steam dress: $30.00
Steam gown: $40.00

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