3 Things to Note before your next alteration.

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1. be clear, have an idea.

Go in knowing and understanding what you want to get done. this might sound like we’re point out the obvious but do a little bit of homework on the type of alteration you want and what kind of work might go into the job. It’s not necessary but this will help in asking educated questions and having an idea of the process. NEVER be afraid to ask question or to object to a suggestion when you think you’re being taken for an expensive ride.

2. Is doing this in or out of style?

 How style conscious is your tailor??  It’s not absolute! it just means that you’ll.  just have to get more in-depth about what you want the completed alteration to look like if you’re going for a particular look or style. Simply put if the person doing the work is not really a style connoisseur it’s going to be hard for them to image exactly what you’re looking for or talking about.  An expert will always give a detail explanation on what issues may arise or what “mistake” you’re making with your request. A tailor with a sense of style will tell if you’re request is trending however it’s up to you to be clear on what you want.

- & That's Dollar Bills Two Cent 

3. So you know what I’m talking about, right?

Make sure the tailor doing the work can explain back to you in detail what kind of work you want done.  Everyone being on the same page is EXTREMELY important and will leave you feeling confident that your request will be met! You should never feel like you’re being rushed out once you’ve put in your request. Take all the time you need when getting your alterations done. You’re making an investment and paying for a service. Never feel like you’re taking up too much time. Better you feel confident that you’ve communicated everything you need to and that the person doing the work is understands what you want fully.